Recovery Care Emerges as Beauty’s New Niche Category

Made for post-injection treatments, recovery care has always been a vital part of the beauty industry, mainly in the form of ice packs and vials of arnica. But when white space emerges, brands come a-running. According to Grand View Research, the global facial injectable market size was valued at $12.7 billion in 2022. In 2023, it’s projected to exceed $13 billion. And by 2030? Get ready for it — revenue is expected to reach a whopping $27.6 billion. With such high demand, the recovery care cat

23 lighted makeup mirrors for precise application — plus what to look for

Lighted mirrors are one of those genius inventions that are total game changers for makeup application. Because let’s face it — no pun intended — even if you have the fanciest skin care formulas or the most exquisite foundations, you’ll need to make sure you can see clearly to look your best. Yes, a bathroom mirror can get the job done, but there are advantages to using makeup mirrors, according to celebrity makeup artist Tobi Henney.
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